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The word, ‘home’ in this context is especially relevant as the hieroglyph for the House of Life depicts a dwelling place, a home.  It is a home filled by the Forces of Life. This is the Per Ankh.

In daily life, your home is the place you set out from and return to. In the greater cycles of incarnating life,  the imprinted Per Ankh calls you back home again. If you find your true spiritual HOME  here, your soul will  know and you will rejoice that you have come home once more.


Guided Visualisation – Entering the House of Life

Become familiar with the hieroglyph for the House of Life. Fix this in your mind’s eye. Then use your creative imagination to build the following scene:

Find yourself standing in a small courtyard set amid a vast complex of sacred buildings. Ahead of you is a small low building, which is reached by an inclined ramp of stone. You make your way towards its open entrance. As you place your feet upon the path, you see that an ankh has been inscribed into the stone. The loop within the handle fills the entrance. The building is flanked by two obelisks. One stands at either end. Each is inscribed with the figure of a serpent.

As you approach the threshold, be aware that every step has meaning for it carries you closer towards the House of Life. You pause as you stand at the threshold and contemplate your motive and intentions at this time. When you are ready to take the next step proceed across the threshold and enter the domain of the Per Ankh. At once you realise that you have stepped into the depths of star studded space. Before you, suspended in the heavens hangs a great ankh which is called the Key of Life. It glows with a soft golden light and it exerts a pull upon you which is both magnetic and yet gentle. You are invisibly drawn towards the ankh. As you stand before it, the ankh, seems to exert a powerful and unexpected living aura. You pause and allow its dynamic force to enter you. Allow your energy field to open like a blossoming lotus and receive the energies of life in the House of Life.

When you feel that the embrace is complete, settle yourself and wait. Looking into the centre of the loop within the handle of the ankh, let your gaze extend as far as you are able towards the stars within the space. As if following your intentions, feel yourself being pulled through the loop into the starry realm of Nuit. See the vastness beyond comprehension and know that this is your Kosmic home. Feel yourself held and bathed in this womb of Kosmic Becoming for it is here that future worlds are created. It is here too that you may set a Soul-Intention for your own being and becoming.

Float in this womb of potentiality until a thought or feeling arises from the depths of your being. Let this understanding be spoken aloud so that is passes into conscious mind.

Once your Soul-Intention has been loosed, feel yourself being pulled back towards the manifest world. Pass back through the loop of the Ankh and return to terra-firma. Dissolve all images and record your inner experience.








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