How to Join

If  you feel called to join this School, entry is very simple. Today people arrive well informed and equipped to commence a deeper journey of spiritual awakening. A generation ago this would not have been the case.

Please email me ( and introduce yourself. The Enrolment Information requested is as follows – please sumbit this to me by email.


Apprenticeship in Western Esotericism – Enrolment Form




Contact details

1 Email

2. Phone (optional)

3. Skype ( if relevant)

Astrological Details

1. Birth  date

2. Birth place

3. Birth time

Enrolment date

1. This is the date when your fees are paid



What Next?

1. Make sure you have a copy of The Aquarian Qabalah (The Kabbalah Experience), in paperback or as E-Edition.

2. You will receive Instructional Starting Papers by email.

3. Begin your Personal Spiritual Diary.

4. Submit your work  to me by email. Please INCLUDE YOUR NAME in the file name, so that your work is easily identified.



By Becoming a Companion in this School:

1. You will be invited to participate in On-Line Communities.

2. You will receive Additional Papers to support your work.

3. You will be able to ask for copies of other unpubished Supporting Papers.

4. You will be receive information about Masterclass Intensive Weeks  in Portugal at my home.



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