Apprenticeship Programme into the Western Esoteric Tradition



What are our Western Adepts doing to feed the sheep of their Master now that a hunger for the bread of wisdom has been awakened? 

If we want to penetrate into the deeper issues of occultism, (that which is hidden). It is not enough that we should approach it out of intellectual curiosity; this will reveal no more than its outer form.  The Occult Path is not so much a subject of study as a way of life…. Unless we approach the Sacred Science as did the initiates of old, we shall not find in it what they found.

Dion Fortune, What is Occultism ?

I am extending a unique invitation to enter into the living stream of western esotericism through a mentored study programme of reflection, meditation and personal revelation. The Core Curriculum is the book, The Aquarian Qabalah (published in the second edition as The Kabbalah Experience).  This accessible and comprehensive text combines Tarot with the stages of the Tree of Life as an initiating process into the Hermetic and Khemetic Mystery Traditions.

As an author, teacher, initiator, and servant-priestess in the tradition of Egyptian Sacred Science, I am called to offer the mystical dynamics of personal transformation to a new Aquarian audience. This transitional time between the passing Piscean Age and the incoming Aquarian current is already at work dissolving the old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

I will mentor your work personally and as a student of this MYSTERY SCHOOL, you will be have access to unpublished Papers as PDF files  without charge.  In this new Aquarian spirit, the Mystery School tradition offers a unique pathway towards illumination and initiation.  This School is rooted in the Ancient Egyptian House of Life but it is flowering in the unique circumstances of the twenty-first century spiritual renaissance.

If you feel called to take up the Great Work at the heart of the Mystery Tradition, in my capacity as your mentor, I will walk beside you as your Soul Friend.  It is my great privilege to share in your realisations and revelations in a way that is supportive and empowering for your journey. My own spiritual awakening took place in 1976 and I have been deeply immersed in the many pathways of the tradition since then. It was my great honour to serve as the Oracle of Isis at The Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1993 and I have continued to write over a forty-year period as a means of sharing and communicating. My books are listed on Amazon and I am currently working on new E-Editions.

The Apprenticeship Programme is an open invitation to enter the magical and mystical domain of transforming western esoteric practice. Since the Hermetic Tree of Life is the spine of western esotericism, it forms the Core Curriculum. Here you will meet mythology, symbolism, sacred psychology, numerology, Tarot and astrology, Deity Yoga, theurgy, Khemetic philosophy, Greek Philosophers and historical Hermeticism on the Path of Self-Becoming. Engagement with the the profound ideas embedded in the mystical tradition enriches, expands and empowers the living spirit in wholly unique ways. This is a path of organic and transformative unfoldement. The only requirement to begin this journey is that you have a genuine desire to ‘Know Thyself.’ All else follows in its own time.

​If you are called to join me, do introduce yourself with an email to –


The fee for 12 months is 12o Euros.

I am trying to esape from paypal for politcal reasons which I hope you understand. I am therfore recommending WESTERN UNION  as a means of payment. It is easy to use. Search for Wester Union on line and email me for my bank details




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