The Age of Aquarius


1. Introduction

Many people are doubtfull about the dawning of the so called, ‘Age of Aquarius,’ and  point to the many troubles of the world as proof that it is NOT a reality. However this is to misunderstand the process of these changing tides.  It is quite foolish to expect anything other than a gradual shift in ideas and values. Many people are in no doubt about the reality of the Paradigm Shift, well this is the visible Shift into Aquarius.

The Perennial Philosophy, also known as the Ageless Wisdom does not fundamentally change. However, its mode of expression changes continuously so that its basic principles can speak afresh to each new generation. We are living through a most powerful time of transition and re-definition, as the old epoch gives way to the new.  This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Dion Fortune was fully aware of the transitional shift in its nascent form as far back as the 1930’s and she understood its significance for the Mystery Tradition. She was trained in the ways of the Golden Dawn and this included taking Oaths of Silence concerning the methods and purposes of its work. Yet she went on to later reveal these methods in great detail. Her justification was simple, she had received new instruction from her own Inner Plane teachers. Those wedded to the old principles were not impressed by her candour but she wrote. ‘A new epoch inaugerates new conditions.‘  DF consciously broke with the recent past and opened the door of the Mysteries to a wider audience of seekers.

Those currently in the twenties or thirties, will just take the spiritual atmosphere as being quite usual and normal without having experience of a quite different prevailing mindset. Those in their late fifties or older, will have a measure of the enormous changes that have already taken place.

Although many, ‘Aquarian’ ideas can be seen in the current social context, the paradigm shift is essentially and fundamentally astrological, astronomical and thereby piritual in nature. As DF stated in Letter 84, (Sep 21st 1941) to her students: The new wine of a New Age cannot be poured unto the old bottes of outworn codes. There must be fundamental changes In the way of national life because a fundamental change is taking place in life itself as the sun moves from Pisces to Aquarius in the Precession of the Equinoxes.

This impetus can be envisioned using the commonly called, ‘Star of David as a basis. The upper and downwards facing triangle represents the Force of Spirit. The lower and upwards facing triangle represents the Form of Matter. The two powers meet and fuse in the centre creating the Paradigm Shift that we are living through and this might be seen as an Initiation of the Group Mind.


The Descending and Ascending Powers fuse in the Centre of Consciousness






2. Some Astrological Insights

The astrological sign for Aquarius is composed by two zig-zag lines one above the other, is reminiscent both of water and of electrical power. The two lines mirror one another, ‘As Above, so Below,’ says the ancient Hermetic axiom. The two parts together speak of duality and unity simultaneously.  Additionally the twin aspects of the sign can refer to the unity of the sacred and  the secular  combined. When the two elements of life combine together,   to build a rich and meaningful integrated whole life,  a living wisdom becomes possible. This is the new context in which we now travel. There is no longer a need to choose between either a secular or a sacred path. Both can now interweave and overlap as part of the one life. Integration is the way forward,holism is the new philosophy.

What are these waters? The revitalizing waters of life, the renewing currents of a fresh source, the purifying waters of mass baptism, the thirst-quenching water for that which is parched namely the vibrant potencies of the higher non-rational mind, intuitive mind.



The constellation of Aquarius is symbolized as a human figure carrying water. This image encompasses all that it means to be human. Nakedness strips away all pretension and posturing, all are equal, simply human. As the ruler of the 11th House of the Zodiac, Aquarius brings group activity, shared goals and all the essential human endeavours that create a  sense of belonging.


The naked figure kneels in a gesture of service with an urn perched on one shoulder, its contents spill out in a continuous stream from the Above to the Below. This is the power for forward motion, for Aquarian invention and discovery, for challenge and radical solution. This consciousness will eventually lead to a fully integrataquarius-6ed sense of the family of humanity but for us in this time, the concept is barely in its infancy.


Aquarius is ruled jointly Uranus and Saturn. As the higher octave of Mercury, representing the abstract mind, Uranus is a sign of revolution, not evolution, of upheaval and sudden of dramatic shift and revelation. It does not bring comfort or ease, but the spirit of adventure, challenge and dramatic change. We have not experienced the impact of either transpersonal mind or radical creativity in society at large, except perhaps through handfuls of artistic genius or spiritual visionaries, but Uranus will bring the inspired, the wildly exuberant and the desire for revolution on a grand scale.

Uranian aquariusenergies have already made themselves known through the revolution that we all love, namely the technological revolution. When the technical and the mentally intuitive aspects of Uranus meet, we might expect devices that are controlled and operated by focused thought! or devices that measure thought patterns and undiscovered brain activity. Training the mind may become a new discipline and if so, it will incorporate many of the psycho-spiritual techniques developed by the meditative traditions; this is how the mind is trained and transformed.




Although Aquarius is rich in water symbolism it is one of the Air signs. Air is invisible but everywhere, essential to life and shared by all; it cannot be owned but it can be focused and applied. The Element of Air awakens the higher mind; the idea whose time has come has the potential to revolutionize the world.

Here, then, are the Aquarian seeds: the quest for holism, the ecological imperative, the marriage of secular and sacred, mass initiation and grassroots spirituality.

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, a difficult partnership of total opposites.  Saturn imposes limitation, Uranus seeks freedom. Saturn seeks structure, Uranus destroys structure. Saturn establishes boundaries in form, Uranus establishes communication without form. This powerful marriage of opposites is being played out wherever the traditional meets the new, the conservative encounters the radical, the hierarchy faces the chaotic. Saturnian characteristics, including resistance to  change, adherence to old values and norms, security of the known, an unwillingness to move on, fear of the new, can only be dissolved from within. There will be clashes!

You can assist the Aquarian lotus to flower by planting the seed deep in the infinite space of the heart, where ideas and inspiration are potentised to germinate into actuality. New influences will be registered mentally, your vision made manifest will become part of your journey towards wisdom.



An Inner Journey – The Company of Aquarius

Begin by connecting with your own sacred centre in a place that has meaning for you. The sacred symbols of your own tradition are present, you offer respect and enter into a deep and receptive state of being. Now, in your own way, call upon the Deity of your Heart or visualise a sacred figure in whom you have absolute trust. At your call, your Companion is present. Take your guide’s hand and instantly the familiar sight of Earth falls away to reveal a night sky. Your guide steps onto a path which is invisible to you.

The path sweeps upwards into the sky like an invisible highway taking you into the realms of unknown and infinite space. From the far distance a light appears, fast moving and brilliant, it grows larger at every moment. It is the Boat of Millions of Years known so well to the Ancient Egyptians. It draws up beside you and awaits your decision. Here it requires no crew, since it is under the direction of mind. Step on board together with your guide. Look far below. The planet Earth glows like a jewel against the dark sky. It is one world hanging in space. From your vantage point, send out your thoughts.

Now the deeper journey begins. Step into the vessel. The Boat of Millions of Years pulls away suddenly, moving at tremendous speed, powered by an unseen and unknown force, it moves silently and without effort. Look about. Here are stars, galaxies and worlds unknown. Yet this is all one creation. The vessel continues on its way moving faster. 

The vessel comes to a halt as suddenly as it began. You are in the depths of space. About you, there are pinpricks of light and in the distance one especially bright, white star which radiates a piercing light. You wait in the silence of space. Unexpectedly as you watch, it seems that you perceive a movement in the background, as if you had caught a star in the act of moving. Like a stone dropping into a pool, a ripple begins to move through space. Even the vessel seems to rock as a wave flows beneath the craft. The steady ripping grows into a pattern of regular waves like gentle movements upon the surface of the ocean. Attune yourself to this pattern and its rhythm. If your inner hearing is sharply attuned you will also hear a note vibrating in harmony with pulse of the flowing energy.

This is the Aquarian vibration emanating from planes of mind. In this moment you stand in direct contact with the custodians and inner minds of this new impulse. Speak what is in your heart. Choose your words with care, for in this place, thoughts have a reality of their own. Offer the highest in service to the Custodians of Aquarius, that you in turn may become the custodians of your rightful portion. Listen, open your heart and mind to the voice of wisdom and inspiration. When you know that you have been gifted with the seed of inspiration, it will be time to return to the Earth where the Aquarian energies may take root.

Prepare to take your leave of this place. Your vessel begins to move, slowly at first but with an ever increasing speed. Place the inspired thoughts in your conscious mind where memory will hold them safe. Your journey back to terra-firma is rapid. You find yourself back in your own sacred space at the instant.

Your guide turns and departs. You are returned to the plane of form where mind will manifest in the fullness of time.



3. The Vision of Isis-Aquariana

In January 2014 a vision appeared to my inner eye. She appeared to me almost exactly one year later in early January 2015. But this time, I was given the instruction to Share Her Blessings. She wears a crown composed of many gemstones and crystals. These come from many different parts of the world. Each of the stones carries a unique signature and brings specific qualities to the world. Moreover, each of the stones holds a connection to the group of people who birth these stones from the deep earth. She is also called The Smiling Woman and She who Blesses.

The Soul-Artist, Nina Falaise created ths beautiful painting of Isis-Aquariana.



Isis-Aquariana ,the shining woman, who walks among us. She brings a chalice of Starlight and Her crown is made from Every Gem of the Earth. As She Walks so drops of Starlight spill upon the ground and wherever Heaven and Earth meet so a fragrant and unknown scent arises. Breathe in deeply, and this new perfume will fill your being with the breath of inspiration, communication, expectation and regeneration. Breathe out isolation, separation, regimentation, stagnation.

Call Her Name and She will come to you, offering The Elixir of Everlastingeness.





4. The Seed Groups of Aquarius  (from the work of Alice Bailey)


1. Kether – The Telepathic Communicators – the custodians of group purpose mediating directly between the spiritual and the material as a living bridge.

2. Chokmah – The Trained Observers – seers who work with a highly developed intuition to see clearly through all events. They dispel the glamour of the astral plane but are not part of it.

3. Binah – The Creative Workers – visionaries working to synthesise the impetus of the nine groups.

4.  Chesed – The Workers in the Field of Religion – working to formulate a new platform for loving synthesis between current world religions.

5. Geburah – The Political Organisers – working with governments to solve international problems.

6. Tiphareth – The Psychologists – working to relate soul and personality through a unified theory of being.

7. Netzach – The Educators – working to bring in a new type of spiritually based culture.

8. Hod – The Scientific Servers – working to establish the spiritual nature of scientific revelation

9. Yesod – The Magnetic Healers – working with the subtle spiritual energies to bring about healing of the whole being.

10. Malkuth –  Financiers and Economists – working to bring in new ideals of Sharing.





 5. The Oracle of Isis given at The Parliament of World Religions in Chicago 1993



Beloved Family, Sons and Daughters of the Divine One. Happy am I that you call upon me even at this eleventh hour. For you should know that this is truly the eleventh hour for your world. I implore you to answer to the call to action from the heart. Look first to the past. For the past and future are as one. The injustices, miseries, cruelties and oppression of nation upon nation have scarred and divided the human family. Hold up the mirror to the collected reflection of you all. Gaze deeply and see what you will see. When you have looked upon the consequences of past actions and deeds, seek forgiveness one from another. Seek forgiveness nation from nation. Seek forgiveness from the Earth, for you are all at fault. Hardest of all beloved, be prepared to forgive those who have wounded you deepest. Begin the work of reconciliation and forgiveness with a good heart and Divine Grace will be bestowed upon your labours. You cannot carry the burdens of the past; ego, violence, cruelty, oppression, lust, power, hatred and injustice into the future. These may not pass through the portal.

All must be reconciled here by you. The door to your common future is open, beyond it shines a light so brilliant and dazzling that none have seen its full glory and splendour. The light will lead you. Let it be shared by all, it belongs to all for you are all Divine. Extend the hand of love across race, creed, colour. Cross all barriers. Let nothing divide that which is already whole. Come, cross the Great Waters to your future. It is your destiny to arrive. There is a blessing on all who serve. 


This message is not an idle invitation but a plea for direct action. We are all asked to, ‘begin the work of reconciliation,’ by recognising the karmic consequences created by our collected group minds. If you read these words with understanding, you will see their relevance in today’s world, most particularly but not exclusively that of America. The Karmic burden is very great but it can be dissolved.


Releasing Planetary Karma

You who are already awakened to spiritual realities, understand the many needs of our times. This is truly a time of great transition and transformation at every level of experience. The many manifestations of change are all expressions of a vast shift in human consciousness. Yet we should not glibly assume that all will be plain sailing into some glorious pre-ordained golden age. Humanity is being asked to redefine itself, to undertake an evolutionary  quantum leap. We cannot do this without first releasing the past to which we are all bound through history and the pattern of incarnation.

Make no mistake the past still binds the present and the future. Simply look at the racial conflicts around the world. Touch the simmering hatreds of the centuries and you will know just how powerful these long established group minds can be. If we are to realise global consciousness and the essential brotherhood of the human family, the two key Aquarian concepts, we will have to transcend the very nationalism which has formed the past. This does not mean that the future holds no national definitions for us. However we have to first release the accumulated shadows which so enmesh a land and its peoples.


This task can be set in motion in various ways; insight and intuition may be your best guides in such work. However I would like to offer the following suggestions.

Firstly, work with your Family Tree. This will provide a blueprint of the groups to which you have ancestral affiliations. It may throw up some curious situations whereby you individually represent historical enemies. Speaking personally , I find that my family tree puts me in touch with an extraordinary range of races including the Russian and the Chinese.

Next, you will need to spend time meditating upon the karmic bond created through the actions perpetrated by one group mind upon the other. This can prove to be a painful phase of the work, you will be releasing deeds which are not personally yours but which you willingly represent on behalf of the group mind. The culminating act of release can only take place when the true spirit of contrition flows through you. This will spontaneously release an inner plane or spiritual dynamic. Such acts of personal mediation should be aligned through a higher transpersonal spiritual power. Draw upon The Cosmic Christ as World Redeemer or any of the Ancient Wisdom Deities. Angelic powers will also help in this work. Do not under any circumstances attempt this work without the certain aid of a transforming spiritual power.


This work may be effected through meditation or through a ceremonial setting which is in essence a three dimensional meditation. This work will also have its effect upon the land. I would be most interested to share the experiences of anyone undertaking such work, or to offer asistance and guidance if asked.





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